First time travelling to Perlis so we don't know where we should have our dinner tonight. I googled the best restaurant must try. Restoran Api Api Ikan Bakar was on top of the rank. As I went through all the feedback from other customers, most of them were good responds. We all agreed to have dinner there. It took 15 minutes from our hotel but whatever it for the sake of dinner.


My family decided to celebrate my sister and my brother's birthday. Since my sister is still in uni so they decided to celebrate at the restaurant near her uni. Unfortunately, they picked the date that I wasn't with them. I was here. #merekasajajee whateverlaa as long as they were having a good time. They whatsapp-ed me all the photossss. Jealous to the Neptune!! 
They were having the celebration at Rimba Rusa. Its RIMBA RUSA not kedai mamak or something. It was an eye-pleasing and sunlight-filled space. I better get demand for my birthday then. 


DAY 5 It has been 5 days there. So on the fifth day we went for hiking at Bukit Dinding. Yeayy I love love love hiking. It took almost 45 minutes to arrive at Bukit Dinding from the campsite by bus. To be honest to say that Bukit Dinding was very very steep. That made us felt really tired but fun. Fortunately there was ready-track for us to hike. Pretty much lessen our burden. After 15 minutes of hiking, we finally can enjoy the view from Bukit Dinding. The view was really breathtaking. The only view you can see from Bukit Dinding is not from the top. To make it more adventures, we had to continue hiking. We finally made it to the top of Bukit Dinding. 15 minutes of rest then we went down. We thought that we were went down by using the same track but that man said we had to used another way. Guess what?! We went down using another track in the forest. Denggg it was really really adventures but I love it. The original track was slippery. I almost slipped hiuhhh. It was pretty tough man…


I get an offered again to join Scouts camp but this time was slightly different because it was an international level camp. It was 13th Malaysia Scout Jamboree and Kuala Lumpur International Jamboree 2016.  So the camping will be joined not only Malaysians but other selected country such as Brunei, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Singapore and others.

DAY 1 We arrived at the entrance gate of Metropolitan Batu Park, Kuala Lumpur. That day seems cloudy and was about to rain. We straight away picked up our bags and rushed to our campsite. By the time we stacked our bags under the secretariat’s tent, it was raining heavily. We decided to wait until the rain in very fine drops then we will set up our tent. We had no activities during the first day so we strolled around the park to spot on where was the toilets, surau, etc. At night, we had roll call and briefing from the commandants. Then, time to sleep!


I'm not a big fan of coffee. I forced myself and had to sacrifice my money to buy a bottle of coffee. Just wanted to celebrate the national coffee day. Alolololo. Actually I wanted to buy not so expensive coffee but I ended up buying the Starbucks coffee. huhhh  can't control myself and now you have to pay RM12 #criesssblood


Best friends make it easier for us to go through hardships and struggles in life. They usually provide a hand for us whenever we need help. Best friend where we depend on with utmost degree of faith other than parents. I had a close friend, Airin who leaves a lasting impression in my minds because we’ve been friend for more than a decade. YES MORE THAN A DECADE!!
She gets an offered to continue her studies to boarding school but she didn’t tell me anything. As her best friend, I should the first to receive the news. I received that news from her parent. She left to boarding school without saying me a goodbye or even a bye or even a wave from her. She doesn’t realize that we’ve been friend for a decade. Never. Mind. I. Forgive. Her. We both were free last weekend so we decided to meet. I get to punch her for not realizing that we have been friend for a decade. She greeted me without saying hye.  How could you?!! Oh man she doesn’t realized it at all.


Mom thought that she going to had a candle light dinner with dad. Oh so sorry mom and dad no candle light rose petals dinner for you. You already have 4 kids and we are your priority now. No more candle light dinner it’s time for ROMANTIC FAMILY COFFEE TIME  since everyone in my family is getting busier each day. My sister was on her semester break so we had our romantic family tea time to keep the bonding time together. All of us put away our gadgets just to have good bonding time together. We filled our day by sharing our stories of the day so that it won’t be a wasted day.