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I’ve never been to Kelantan for few years. So my father planned to visit his friend there. He asked us if we want to follow him to go Kelantan. Been thinking about it for few hours. Yaa you know Kelantan has no straight road and take few hours to reach Kelantan. But hey its Kelantan laa. Bila lagi je boleh pergi sana lagi. Their cultural will be different like KL. They have their own Malay slang, their own signature food.

After few hours in the car. Finally reached Kelantan!! Wehoo my body cramped. By the time stepped on the land of Kelantan. I felt oh my I can’t believe I can make it here. First stop at Kelantan was of course we had our lunch. The ambience was slightly different than KL because they spoke in their on slang. I had really awkward conversation with a guy a selling our lunch meal. I was looking for mom  so she can translate it for me. 


My brother is just konon-orang-korea. He super duper in love with korean food huh don't know why. Taste bud not match with Malaysia food maybe. So yesterday he bought that korean food called Kimbab from supermarket. Yes, It's a sticky rice wrapped with seaweed filled with crab fillet and slices vegetables. I'm not a big fan of  korean food but yeahh somebody just offered me free food okey. When it comes to free food I would never say NO. Actually I'm interested to try it to know how it taste. Once I put it into mouth and masticate that kimbab. Oh mann it taste so goooddddd. My eyes just brightly open and wanted some more. It's freeee.