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Do something new is the thing I would like to try. From that I can know my ability and my weakness on something. The criticism from my performance might also help to improve. I know that some people will be uncomfortable whenever they get critics. I'm advising you to take that critics because it can helps you to learn from what you had done so in future you wouldn’t repeat the mistakes. Take the compliments as a bonus of your performance. Those experiences I can share with my partner. Totally make them really interest to try something new.
 Many people with a statement which they don’t want to take a try because they are very scared of trying new things since that is never been done before. They are very worry of getting critics from public. I felt the same at first but at the end I think I should try so that I can pop up myself on what I can do. If you can’t believe me, I would to clear off this statement with my experience.


I’ve been to big bad wolf book sale for three times. My first time went to BBW was really out of expectation. I thought that I would easily find my desire books but its turned out to be 360’. All the crowded and all the books were everywhere. So I’m here to rescue you on how to survive at craziest BBW book sale.
Wear loose outfit and comfortable shoes BBW team usually rent a huge hall. You will browse the whole area of the hall. Wear comfortable shoes like sport shoes or flat will not cause any foot pain. Heels are terrible. You will end up exiting gate immediately. Some goes to outfit, wear any loose blouse or t-shirt which is the best choice. It allows the air enter and will not make you sweaty. You probably in a good mood while choosing books.