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Best friends make it easier for us to go through hardships and struggles in life. They usually provide a hand for us whenever we need help. Best friend where we depend on with utmost degree of faith other than parents. I had a close friend, Airin who leaves a lasting impression in my minds because we’ve been friend for more than a decade. YES MORE THAN A DECADE!!
She gets an offered to continue her studies to boarding school but she didn’t tell me anything. As her best friend, I should the first to receive the news. I received that news from her parent. She left to boarding school without saying me a goodbye or even a bye or even a wave from her. She doesn’t realize that we’ve been friend for a decade. Never. Mind. I. Forgive. Her. We both were free last weekend so we decided to meet. I get to punch her for not realizing that we have been friend for a decade. She greeted me without saying hye.  How could you?!! Oh man she doesn’t realized it at all.


Mom thought that she going to had a candle light dinner with dad. Oh so sorry mom and dad no candle light rose petals dinner for you. You already have 4 kids and we are your priority now. No more candle light dinner it’s time for ROMANTIC FAMILY COFFEE TIME  since everyone in my family is getting busier each day. My sister was on her semester break so we had our romantic family tea time to keep the bonding time together. All of us put away our gadgets just to have good bonding time together. We filled our day by sharing our stories of the day so that it won’t be a wasted day.